FetLife | Black Man’s Revenge

Before the events of September 2013, I had been planning on creating a group for the Black Man’s Revenge concept but never got around to it thinking someone else was going to.  Almost a year later, there was still no presence so I decided to go ahead with those plans.  

Join the conversation on FetLife!  Black Man’s Revenge is free to join.  So is a FetLife membership. 


FetLife | The Black Sovereign Network

My vision for this group is to use it to discuss real issues in the Lifestyle.  I have also decided to incorporate it into my new mentorship offerings.  Anyone that has a question or needs a helpful and friendly ear can post to the group.  Any advice or comments I provide there are always for FREE.  You also gain the support of your fellow peers.

Join the conversation on FetLife!  The Black Sovereign Network is free to join.  So is a FetLife membership.


The Black dominant/white submissive lifestyle… explored


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