A white sub asked me today if “Black Man’s Revenge” means getting what we deserve by making whites crave BBC.

That’s one very small way of looking it but you miss the whole picture.

Black Man’s Revenge (BMR) refers to the accomplishment and achievement of Black MEN owning their own futures. Changing the world by simply being themselves. Embracing their own natural power and strength by believing in themselves.

When you are PROUD of who and what you are, it radiates and draws in others like moths to a flame.

Getting a non-black person to admit that they are natural-born servants to Black men is the best REVENGE. Why?

Because unlike what every other race on this damn planet has demonstrated throughout history… we never FORCED them to do it.

You WANT to serve Us.  You crave it… even if you when you try to hide and deny it.

NOW, that’s true power. And the ultimate REVENGE.

What do you think?  

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