This man reminded me of my father and grandfather whom always bemoaned the fact that some Black people can’t seem to see beyond their own self-imposed limitations.  Blaming the white man.  And although in some situations that may be true, he speaks the truth about our own shortcomings.  Self-empowerment is what my parents instilled in me.  It is the basic trait and signature of a Superior Black people.

You get knocked down… get back up.  Dust yourself off and keep moving.

You get called names… smile to yourself because you smell the FEAR.

Get turned down for a job.  Keep applying elsewhere.  All else fails, go into business for yourself doing something you enjoy.  Go back to school or obtain a new trade skill.  Always good to have a backup plan regardless.

The here point is… the strongest of Us know.  What white people owe Us is respect.  All the other material things is secondary.

But you have to respect yourself first.