I get emails from subs from all over seeking to serve… seeking advice… seeking to share how much my teachings have influenced their life.

One such sub recently did just that.  And communicated his epiphany in not only finding his own path but also from a realistic approach which was very refreshing to read.

Have you ever had an epiphany, and in your mind you kinda feel, to use a slang, punked.

I have begun over the last two weeks to explore anything on the internet regarding Black Superiority. To be upfront my initial curiosity was sexually driven. After two weeks, I am beginning to see that my initial interest was shallowness caused by ignorance.

I have not put it all together (im to early to define ALL) but my mind is starting to gather a puzzle of a thousand pieces and form is starting to happen. I do not yet know what the final design of my new journey will be but I am becoming aware that much of what I have believed and seen is a false narrative. So much of “the Black Problem” what a joke that expression seems now, but many of the urban problems have their genesis in white Europeans terrorizing the continent of Africa. I cannot as yet elaborate further on that point as I am not qualified.

So what do I do now?

How do I start of feel in harmony with natural law and myself?

Well, starting today in my small way, when one of the many black pan handlers in downtown Milwaukee cross my way, Im going to be human and greet them with a nod and a “hello, sir” and if they want money or a cigarette, Im going to give and ask if they are doing well and I am happy to help them.

How can I seek to prepare myself for a Black Sovereign if I am unable to be of service to those in immediate need.

Thank you Sir, for viewing my note to you. Hopefully I will receive permission to write again in the future, as I learn more.

Discovering one’s own path is not easy and you should only seek the guidance of a Dom if you have something to offer in return.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting our time.  And whites have done enough of that for one millenia.

We’re not here for your entertainment.

You’re here for Ours.