Last month, Google contacted me to let me know they suspended my Google+ community because they were made aware of excessive pornographic images being posted.  I have the option to remove the offending content and submit a request to reopen the community but I have decided it’s not worth that kind of effort.

Here’s why.

I created the community to compliment the existing BMR Facebook page and FetLife group in 2014.

The community was set to private so to not be visible to Google’s automated TOS bots who look for violations on their network.  This meant limited adult content could be shared without alerting Google… Unless someone flagged a post as inappropriate.

I have given up on the idea of creating a viable community of like-minded people who want to network with others who share the same or similar ideologies. There are many existing communities already which help facilitate those kinds of connections.

You just have to put in the work to find them.

I am only focusing on my own website, network and lifestyle coaching programs these days.
My Google+ community, Black Sovereign Network is still open and active.  No adult imagery is allowed however since it is a publicly accessible community.

Black Sovereign


AUGUST 2018 UPDATE :  A new social network is coming that will replace all satellite sites hosted on other platforms.  Black Mans Revenge and The Black Sovereign Network will have a new home soon.  Stay tuned for updates to be posted in a separate article.