We have over 300 members but no one will know who you are unless you express yourself and be noticed.  There are a ton of visitors that come to this site annually (over 70k since 2013 to date). This post will become a featured post so will remain visible on the front page.  A similar post for Dominants is coming as well.

Submissives, take the time to introduce yourselves by filling out the following questionnaire.  



To see the responses from this Questionnaire, visit the Member Directory page

In 2018, this blog may be upgrading to a self-hosted wordpress site (like my own personal site) which will bring the reality of social networking options such as memberships, detailed profiles and user groups.  However, that decision will be solely based on level of participation on this blog in 2017. The best way to participate is to subscribe and comment on posts.

AUGUST 2018 UPDATE :  A new social network is coming that will replace all satellite sites hosted on other platforms.  Black Mans Revenge and The Black Sovereign Network will have a new home soon.  Stay tuned for updates to be posted in a separate article.

Google has announced that it will be converting all web based forms to a new format come September 2018.  This may make the current form unusable if it doesn’t get updated properly.  As mentioned above, a new website should be operational by that time for those who wish to register.