BMR Skype Community Chat Group

Chat with members of BMR across all platforms

Join other BMR and BSN members from WordPress, Facebook and FetLife on the new Skype hosted Community Chat Group!  Open 24/7.  Official Chat Sessions will be announced.

I am experimenting with new chat options based on my successful private group chats in the past.  As of January 2017, I have created an all-inclusive community chat room via Skype.  Anyone can join as long as you click on the link below.  I plan on having this chat open at all times since I’m hosting it.  Feel free to check it out.


  • Chat room history is accessible.  Review at any time, conversations that took place before you arrived or from a scheduled session you may have missed.
  • Scheduled group chats.  Notifications for upcoming group sessions will only be posted on the WordPress and Facebook communities.  So, if you haven’t already, subscribe and like.
  • Host your own chat session.  Since many of us may be in different time zones around the world, all members have permission to advertise a Chat Session within the group.  One of the major benefits of participating in group chat are the opportunities to meet new people and network with others who share your interests and beliefs.
  • OPEN 24/7.  You can always log on and converse with any other fellow members who may be online at the same time.  Perfect opportunity to make new connections.
  • Instant Media Transfer.  You are allowed to upload photos, videos and documents. Sexually explicit media is permitted as long as its legal.  No SPAM period.
  • Accessible through most widely used platforms.  Download Skype for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone or access the group chat via your browser using Skype for Web.

Chat Rules:

  1. NO ONE is allowed to initiate a voice or video group call unless it is with my permission during a scheduled group session(s). This group is TEXT CHAT ONLY. Violators will be ejected, even if done by mistake.  I will not reward ignorance.
  2. ALL PARTICIPANTS must greet the room upon entering.  You are not required to engage in conversation but be polite.  A simple hello will do… then you can “lurk” all you want.  Violators will be ejected.  I will not reward disrespect.
  3. Submissives are required to post their photo and location (when greeting) each time they enter chat.  Even if leaving the room completely and returning later. The photo MUST be clear.  No closeups of body parts or graphics.  Do not enter chat if you are unable to comply. Violators will be ejected.  I will not reward disobedience.
  4. Once you have entered and greeted the room, it is advisable to scroll up to the beginning of the day and review any previous conversations that may have taken place BEFORE  you entered the room.  It is not necessary to spend time reviewing past the current date, unless you want to.

Upcoming Chat Sessions will be announced via a post and/or on the Upcoming Events calendar shown on the sidebar to your right.

The BMR Chat Room is hosted on Skype.  You can download the Skype app on your Computer, Mobile, Tablet, XBox, and Wearables.  All visitors who utilize this page (without a Skype account) will gain access via Skype for Web as a Guest account.  Your Guest account expires after 24 hours.

Click here to enter the BMR Skype Chat Room


SEPTEMBER 2018 UPDATE :  My new social network is now available to join.  You can register for The Black Sovereign Network at  There is a group for Black Man’s Revenge that you can join. The site also features a Live Chat room.