I’ve covered different aspects of the submissive mindset and lifestyles that are common in today’s culture… except one.

The reason should be easy to figure out since it is the most prevalent… faggots.

I guess the more PC term would be ‘sex slave’ but lets be open and upfront about what they are.


Although, commonly used in the 20th century as a derogatory term to belittle a person, in this Lifestyle “faggot” is a term of endearment to many Doms. To others, it is a class of submissive that one rarely takes seriously other than for sexual purposes.

If we all honest with ourselves, this is the most common type of submissive out there. In my blog post, The Anatomy of a Submissive, I reference this type of sub mentality as the jump-off point for many just getting into the lifestyle. The focus is almost always sexual in nature… and that’s natural. Sex is the basis of this Lifestyle. Sex is what produces the hormones, pheromones and other bodily chemicals that work to connect Us/us to the object of our desire.

And yes, I said desire.

Physical attraction is fueled and triggered by desire. If you are a sub, then it may be the color of our skin. Our beautiful African features. The way we smell. The shape and size of our dicks. Whatever your trigger as a sub , it is directly linked to the physical aspects.  And for many of you, that is all you are capable of focusing on.

If you have nothing else to offer a Dom than your body then refer to yourself as a sex slave or faggot.  Not a submissive or slave.  Proper advertising helps a Dom determine the level of effort he may want to put forth.  You still have your uses but at least we won’t waste our time if seeking more.

As explained, in my referenced blog post, a faggot can progress into becoming a proper submissive. However, great effort must be exerted in order to prove to the Dom that you have what it takes to be worthy of the time, training and attention a Dom would grant you. Every level of submissive wants attention but never promise more than what you are capable of offering.  Be real and upfront about who and what you are.  Don’t quite know who that person is yet, then say so.

…maybe we will see enough value in order to talk you into it.