It’s been five years since I was a member of the BMR2 website.

However, I STILL get people approaching me asking about how to access the site.  I am STILL apparently considered the “face” of the site.  What people remember about it. Some tell me how much my participation and contribution inspired them.  This was all nice but I have distanced myself from that site since my membership there ended in September of 2013.  Well, almost.  I created this blog for that site before my exit as a communication tool for when the site went down… which happened frequently back then.

But very few people know what actually happened that caused me to leave the site.

I did not leave the site.  I was removed.  While I was on vacation.  One of my subs whom I acquired on the site alerted me that there was an announcement stating that I was no longer co-administrator and had decided to part ways with the BMR family.  Or something about forgetting who runs the site.  So, instead of talking to me directly, the site owner kicked me off the site.  Why?  There are theories but I never asked.  As far as I was concerned he did me a favor.  I had become way too involved on that site technically and personally.  I think my popularity had something to do with it.  The site owner didn’t like that most thought I owned the site because of my high profile involvement.  But that’s what happens when you put yourself out there and you’re VISIBLE.

Questions about the site,  they came to me.  Technical difficulties, those came to me as well.  Mostly because there was no one else they could go to.  Settling disputes between subs and Doms.  The list goes on.  I think he felt that I was getting too “big” sorta speak.  Now keep in mind this is all assumption as I never spoke with the site owner about the issue.  As far as I was concerned, his actions spoke volumes.  And it wasn’t like I didn’t see it coming.  Here are some of the things that set off some flags…

When advertising for his later canceled Reparation Weekend Event, he suggested I postpone my own birthday celebration to coincide with the event in order to get people interested in signing up.  I wasn’t keen on the idea because I didn’t want other Doms thinking this event was about me but I agreed as he was trying capitalize on my “celebrity” status to affect turnout.

He got one of my slaves to display himself on cam without my permission.  My slave felt bad because he thought because the site owner and I were friends that he should obey him as well since he was told that I wouldn’t mind.  I was peeved but figured I’d allow him to make it right by sharing photos he had recently taken of his own boy.  He refused.  I let it go and made it clear to anyone who was under consideration or was accepted as servants to only take orders from me.  I learned quickly that honor amongst Bros was not present.

And right before I left for my vacation, we talked over the phone and he asked me if I would send him the original file I created for the new BMR logo (the same one you see on this site).  I questioned why he needed the original and he said something about wanting to tinker with the design.  Well… I work in the Business world and the first rule of thumb is to never give up anything you create without a filed patent so as no one steals it.  I knew something was up but I was too focused on starting my vacation.

And the rest you now know.

It’s been five years and I haven’t given that site much thought.  Until someone brings it up while telling me how much they appreciated what I did while there.  I am not hurt, bitter or angry about what happened.  I was getting too involved and in a way I thank him for the timing.  Coming off a great relaxing vacation, it didn’t take long to adjust. My subs, and a couple of Doms I’d become friends with, were livid and angry because of how I was treated when I’d done so much for the site.  They told me they unsubscribed when they found out.  I thanked everybody for their support but assured them that I was not upset about it.

What goes around, comes around.  Everything does happen for a reason.  Why spend this short life angry banging on the closed door when you can explore the new one that just opened.

That’s how I live my life.  That’s how I also teach my subs to live theirs.