Change your approach and you will change your life. 

Over the years, I have listened to subs complain about how hard it is to find Black Doms (and vice versa).  Or that when they find them, they don’t seem interested in meeting.  In the past year, I have been approached by several local Black Doms in my area who wanted help in understanding how this (Lifestyle) all worked.

For the purpose of this article, I’ll focus on the most recent.

He had been in contact with several white subs who seemed interested and did everything asked of them… online.  According to him, they seemed legit, talked about concerns and expectations and he was looking forward to the next step.  But every time he tried to setup a meeting in person, they flaked.  After going through this several times, he got fed up with the experience.

He wanted to know why these white subs never seem to want to follow through.

He wanted to know if this was even worth pursuing.  If it was just all bullshit exploitation by whites just wanting to get off.

He doesn’t have alot of experience and when asked what draws him to this Lifestyle.  He responded that he liked the notion of a white man submitting to a Black man.  Doing what he was told and the rush from witnessing this happening.  However, he has never been able to fulfill his curiosity.  Thus, he has yet to come into his own as a Dominant.

From our conversations, it was apparent that he is a natural Dominant.  Just needs the opportunity to express it.  Black Man’s Revenge has been about the global modern revelation that Black men (and women) are superior.  Naturally and scientifically.  You all have it within yourselves to become what you were born to be.

To break down decades of social learning and repression to take your rightful place as a submissive, slave or admirer of the Black race.

Or embrace your status as a natural born Black Dominant, Daddy or Master.

But you have to remember that despite all of that.  People are people.  They may want to embrace who they are but are scared to take a chance.  For many different reasons.

If you approach someone, gain their interest and create a repertoire with that person.  You have to at least meet them.  The least you can do if you have invested any significant time in this.  It may or may not develop into anything but you are obligated to follow through because your action (or inaction) can have consequences.

You would be meeting for the experience.  And affirmation of your role.  The more contact you have.  REAL contact.  The more accepting you will become of who you are.

This is how a Community/Lifestyle is built.   A network of people bound by common beliefs.

We are not a religious organization, fundamentalist ideology or a cult.

This is LIFE.  This is REAL.  This is US.

You have the power to embrace it.  Or reject it.

Live the TRUTH.  Or continue to play PRETEND.

But one thing is for certain, every one of you have a choice.

You can get either on-board…

Or get the fuck out of the way.


During our last conversation about getting flaked on, he mentioned that he had another Brotha with whom he hooks up with.  Since he was striking out with white subs,  I wanted him to explore the connection he already had with his fuck buddy.  He didn’t think that his bud was submissive but there is potential everywhere.  You are born either Dominant or submissive.  Alpha or Beta.  When he shared that his buddy recently asked to be pissed on, I had to get him to realize that anytime someone trusts you enough to express interest in an act considered “humiliating”, then they are most likely a latent submissive.  Doesn’t matter how masculine they act,  just ask them if they have ever been interested in Dom/sub play.

You’ll be surprised at what you find out.

The last time I texted him,  it appeared that he was going to explore his buddy’s submissive side.  I had also told him that I was willing to send one of my own subs over sometime so that he could get his feet wet.  And, I would do it too.  Keep him interested in the Lifestyle until the right sub came along to make his journey and disappointments worthwhile.

You can’t afford to lose anymore Black Doms.

You can’t afford to not help new Black Doms enter the Lifestyle by flaking out.

WE can’t afford to just sit there and continue to do nothing to contribute to this cause.


The ONLY way ANYTHING can actually get accomplished and with REAL results.


Change your approach and you will change your life. 

– Black Sovereign