Can’t believe it’s November already.  Another year almost gone with so much happening… on my end, at least.

I am toying around with the idea of starting a XTube channel dedicated to those who adhere to the BMR principle of Black domination and white submission.  Fans of BMR will be able to submit their own videos for inclusion on the channel.  The goal is to have a sort of video dating style channel where you can see real subs and Doms in action.  I know for myself, I’m more inclined to meet someone from the Internet if I can see what they look like first.  We are all visual creatures after all.

I will provide more information as it becomes available but you are all welcome to comment on this post with any questions.

I’m getting ready to launch my own XTube channel under BlacksovereignXXX (BSX) and release some homemade videos of me using some of my past and current subs.  I also have a new addition to my XCAM Model roster by the name, Russelyork.  I will be filming some material from his weekend service to me for release on his own XTube channel of the same name.  Just like Slave10, he will be an online cam performer but he will also be available to be pimped out for real time use.

I’ll be putting Russelyork in various different situations this weekend to test his ability to serve with only one goal in mind… ensuring my pleasure and satisfaction.  As it should be.

For those who wish to submit their own videos for inclusion on my new XTube channel, instructions on how to submit videos will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, you can check out the channel here:



SEPTEMBER 2018 UPDATE :  My new social network is now available to join.  You can register for The Black Sovereign Network at  You can join the XCAM Modeling group if interested in submitting your videos for Black Sovereign’s pleasure, entertainment and inclusion on his XTube channel.