In the BMR Chat Room, conversations have led to discussions of developing a new social media website similar to the former BMR2.  A couple of fellow Doms have expressed their interest in supporting and participating in the management of the site.  This would be an investment of time and money as I would want the appropriate server capabilities to reduce downtime, bandwidth and space issues.  This would mean that there would be a fee-based membership levels as well as free basic memberships.  My vision would be al a carte services.  If you want to upload a bunch of self-hosted videos, you can upgrade your membership to be given access.  The same with photos, chat, and more.

The membership fee for access to more services will be fair and affordable but the main purpose would be to pay for the maintenance of the site as well as future upgrades.

Again, this is all in the idea stage at this point.

A name and domain for the site would be the first step.  I am taking all suggestions but the vision for BMR3 would be to have a site that emphasizes the complexity of our community and world.  I don’t want to replicate the Black/white dynamic as we are now a multi-cultural society where different races have found their calling as submissives, slaves and admirers of the Black Dominant.  I’m not about the race play and chronic objectification.  There is enough of that out there already.  I want a community where people can truly network with their peers and have a place to be themselves.

…and if they are lucky,  find their next Dom or sub.

What would it be named?

I don’t know at this point.  I have a few ideas but I need help in seeing what stands out or hear other ideas/suggestions from members.  Here are a couple of ideas for the website title:

Black Men’s Revenge

The Ebony Dominion

Black Sovereign Network

Black Man’s Revenge 3 (BMR3)

Nubian Domination Society

Superior Blacks Community


Feel free to comment on this post about whether you would like to see this blog upgraded to a full fledged social networking website.  As well as what it could be called.


AUGUST 2018 UPDATE :  A new social network is coming that will replace all satellite sites hosted on other platforms.  Black Mans Revenge and The Black Sovereign Network will have a new home soon.  Stay tuned for updates to be posted in a separate article.