Stay tuned for more information and a link to my new social network site.  I am hoping for a September 2018 opening date as the site is currently under maintenance for testing and final cosmetic updates.

I have a couple of volunteers from my BMR Skype group who are helping with this process.  Although the new website won’t bear the BMR name, it will have a group established in its name which will host its own forum and media gallery (with the ability to upload your own media and share them with others) as well as seamless usability on any device, mobile or PC.  Your profile page will give you instant access to see who is online that you friended and the Community Activity page will show you site-wide updates from all registered users.  Chat capabilities are being tested now as well.  Basic Membership will be free.

For those concerned about security of your information,  the new site will have a valid SSL certificate, anti-SPAM filters as well as be a PRIVATE community.  This means that in order to view any hosted content,  you have to be a registered and verified member.

Thank you to those who convinced me to make this often talked about possibility a reality.

Here is a screenshot of what the new site will look like.  Click here.