My vision for this site is to use it to discuss real issues in the Lifestyle.  Anyone that has a question or needs a helpful and friendly ear can post to the group.  Any advice or comments I provide there are always for FREE.  You also gain the support of your fellow peers.  And in time, hopefully become a destination to find your next adventure.

Join the conversation!  The Black Sovereign Network is free to join.




My intent with The Black Sovereign Network is to build a true community.  The site is designed with mobile device access in mind so that it is easier to use on any platform.  BSN encompasses various themes and is not intended to compete with other sites.  Although the main theme is interracial BDSM, other themes are supported as well such fisting, travel hosting and webcam modeling.  More themes will be introduced based on interest and need in the future.  Please take a moment to review the following guide on how to use the site.


Getting Started

When you first login, you land on your dashboard.  This area allows you access the chat room, view popular groups, see who was online recently as well as view recent posts and topics.  Use the navigation menu to visit other areas of this site such as Community, Knowledge Base and Events.


How to Navigate the Site

Navigation Menu (red) – This Side Menu bar is your main navigation tool for the site.

Expand/Collapse (blue) – This expands or collapses the Side Menu toolbar.  Useful if you need more room to view the page you’re visiting.

Notification Bar (yellow) – Displays the number of items that are unread such as new messages and notifications.

Profile Menu (orange) –  This is your personal profile menu to access settings, messages, groups you are registered to, log out, etc.


Joining a Group

Black Sovereign Network hosts different communities such as Black Man’s Revenge, Denver Fist Club, Wakandan Interchange Network and The Inner Circle.  More groups will be added based on suggestion and interest.  Each group has its own forum, media gallery and soon, live chat.

Some groups may be open to join while others will require you to either be approval or invited.  You are encouraged to join a group(s) that interests you the most.  Or just hang out in the Live Chat.  A couple of different ways to socialize.

To join, click Community under the Navigation Menu and then Groups.


Using the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base (KB) will display all frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips and other answers to community specific questions.  Members can also contribute and ask questions in the Site Issues + Help forum.  All responses to submitted questions will be added to the KB archive.